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APOI — A brief introduction

The Archives of Oral Heritage and Identity (Arquivo do Patrimonio Oral da Identidade—APOI) evolve from the project Sounds and Voices of Identity (Sons e Voces da Identidade), a program for digitising, cataloguing, studying and disseminating immaterial heritage which was started by the Institute of Studies of Identities of the Museum of Galician People (Museo do Pobo Galego—Galicia’s Ethnographic Museum) in April 2007.

This online webpage started working in June 2009 and it is the most accessible part of the Archives. Dedicated initially to the musical section of the Archives, it shows a ready-catalogued selection of the material: some 400 audio and video tracks with vocal and instrumental music, transcriptions of lyrics and 160 detailed musical scores with musical analysis to date.

Up to October 2014, the APOI has digitized 650 cassette tapes, of which 540 have been edited. The bulk of this material comes from Baldomero Iglesias’ (Mero) collection, who, together with Xosé Luís Rivas (Mini), started collecting music and other cultural expressions of the people in the early 70’s. Both Iglesias’ and Rivas’ recordings can be listened to online, as can those of Xesús Mato, Juan Parga and others. The amount of material is steadily growing, as we continue the work of digitizing material donated by the Galician Bagpipers’ Association, among others, and cataloguing, transcribing and uploading more music.

A general update of this website is due in 2015, featuring a completely new format and the opening of the Anthropological section of the Archives.


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